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Kolobial Garments is a young and dynamic business, registered in pursuant to the provisions of Act No.3883, as amended by Act No.4147 and Republic Act No.863, and in compliance with the applicable rules and regulations prescribed by the Department of Trade and Industry with Certificate No.00433909 valid until May 14, 2013 and a Business Permit No.08-005970.
It was established by a young team of professionals with a perfect blend of technical, marketing and administrative skills. Kolobial Garments caters major readymade garments industries all over the world. Quality, design, speed and trust have been the key words that helped us reach its present status.

Kolobial Garments follows a highly efficient and organized pattern. Designs from other prominent countries are integrated to help the company develop patterns in-house, creating some of the best styles.

Our factory is equipped with sophisticated machinery. We follow modern system of production based on the assembly line system.

We have skilled sewers and tailors, trained with quality as their prime objective. Furthermore, we have Quality Assurance Inspectors and Line Supervisors. The Management gives thrust and ensures quality of the Merchandise and Commitment to Prompt Delivery.

Garments, one of the basic needs of mankind, represent a major industry in the entire world with direct customer contact as its main plank. Our success rests in the ability of the industry people to feel the pulse of the customers instantly and correctly in order to satisfy the customer's changing life styles, tastes and demands in the most efficient manner possible.

We will be a bridge to connect suppliers & buyers of various products of the Industry. We do not have any limitations in mind towards servicing this Industry and its just a beginning and the company have plenty of things in store for servicing this Industry in the near future.


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